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Gill Ballard 

Spiritual Medium, Healer Counsellor, Hypnotherapist


We can improve our lifestyle through the use of Meditation, which when done on a regular basis allows us to centre and become balanced in mind, body and spirit.

Self Healing, will help us to lift our energy through balancing our chakra energy points, which are represented by colour. The chakra's relate to the various glands and organs of the physical body.

Colour is all around us, the colours we wear, the colours we live with. If you imagine that everything is energy and is transformed into colour, it might help you to understand that the colours we wear and live with have an overall effect on our general well being. In speech, it is quite common to use colour in expressing ourselves. We might say we are 'feeling blue', if a little depressed or 'seeing red' if we are angry. We may describe others as being in a 'black mood'.

Colour therapy works by assuming that the body absorbs light from the whole colour spectrum, with each colour having its own frequency, wavelength and energy associated with it.

Our Auric Field, that energy field that is around us all is seen in colour. The colours we emanate are representing our emotions and often the dross we have picked up in our daily lives.

Crystals emanate an energy that helps us to heal, when used in conjunction with the natural healing energy that I channel, they are a powerful tool. Each type of crystal has properties that may help to cure specific conditions as each will vibrate at their own wavelength.

Healing seeks to complete the wholeness of the patient by the therapist channelling pure light energy to their client, with the intent of bringing body, mind and spirit into harmony.

By channelling the natural healing energy into the physical body, and working with the auric field and chakra energy centrers - with the additional use of crystals and colour, a client recently said to me "I'm not sure that I have ever felt so relaxed and centred, I feel better now than I have in a long time". A healing treatment focuses on bringing relief to physical discomfort. The healing energy will work on points of pain often bringing relief. It will relax the physical body and bring alignment to your energy field.