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Gill Ballard 

Spiritual Medium, Healer Counsellor, Hypnotherapist

The Law of Attraction - Cosmic Ordering

With every thought that we have, we are manifesting what we need.

It is through our thoughts, feelings and intentions that we are creating our futures and ensuring our needs are met.

Of course if our thoughts are negative, we are attracting to us that which we really don't want.

It is very important that we become aware of our power within.

We must keep our thoughts positive and have crystal clear intentions about our futures.

Bearing in mind that it is our thoughts, feeling and intentions that manifest our needs, it is important to decide what we want. Having decided this we can look at our future life and see ourselves on the right pathway!

Online self help Course now available to download.

This course is designed to guide you forward, working from the heart centre, but being mindful of the decisions you make.

Using meditation and other centreing and clearing techniques, you will be grounded but openhearted, and see life with clarity