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Gill Ballard 

Spiritual Medium, Healer Counsellor, Hypnotherapist

Below you will find more information on the workshops and events listed on the events page.

Next Workshop - Positive Living

This is a 2 day workshop held on the following dates:-

Saturday 6th January 2018

Saturday 13th January 2018

10.30am - 4.30pm

Give into the guidance and be happy, listening to the inner voice to hear the call of the heart through meditation and exercises designed to lift your energy, and working with the law of attraction creating a happier life being centered, balanced and thinking with clarity to manifest the things in life that bring you joy.

Mediumship & Healing

Saturday 10th February 2018

10.30am - 4.30pm

Please see information below

Colour & Crystal Healing

An introduction to the effects colour has in our lives.

The colours we wear, the colours in our homes all have an effect on our moods and our well being, and carry their own vibrational energy.

Crystals also carry their own energy, and are a valuable aid when used in healing, as is colour energy.

We will be opening our awareness to the Auric field which is our own energy field, the colours the aura emanates, and adjusting any imbalances through the use of crystal healing.

This vibrant and uplifting time together will give you a strong understanding of how to use colour and crystal energy to your best advantage in order to keep your own energy levels centred, which in turn helps you to maintain good health in mind, body and spirit.

Come and explore how the Atlanteans lived, working with crystals, healing, colour and music to lift your own vibrational energy, and of course listening to the voice of the heart.

Linking with Guides & Angels

We all have a guardian Angel, and spirit guides who work with us at various times in our lives, helping to light the way. This is your opportunity to tune into your guides and angels, learn to communicate with them and open your awareness to the guidance they bring

Positive Living

Saturday 6th January 2018

Saturday 13th January 2018

Our minds are the most powerful instrument that we possess.

What we think affects 'how we feel'..

Our thoughts are energy that reach out and create the exact point we are at in our lives now! What we think affects our future.

We are all creators in our own right.

Our aim is to control our thoughts, keep our thoughts positive.

This workshop will guide you to 'finding the secret of Good Health, Prosperity, Happiness, Joy, Peace .....', whatever you wish to create for yourself. It will guide you to achieving your dreams.

By understanding the power of the mind, opening the heart centre and listening to the inner voice, we will work together to clear away blocks from the past and gain a strong understanding of the law of attraction.

We cannot change others, but by changing our thinking we will see everything and everyone change accordingly. Life is our mirror.

If you are tired of what life is offering you, and are ready for change, this is the workshop for you.

If life events have knocked you off track, then this is the day you can take hold of the steering wheel of life once more, and move back onto the right road.

Meditation, healing, Positive life plan, Positive thinking all help towards inner joy and happiness

Mediumship & Healing

Saturday 10th February 2018

We all have psychic abilities, 'that gut feeling' is often the one that ismost recognised, the inner voice that guides our way. Intuition, telepathy, just 'knowing', being aware of coincidences and synchronicity, the signposts that show we are on the right path are there for everyone to open their awareness too.

Recognising when a thought we have is not our own,acknowledging a very vivid dream as being guidance love and support from the other realms, That feeling that someone is standing behind us, when in fact there is no physical being there, these are all signs of the spirit world wanting to open our awareness to other dimensions - this is a form of mediumship when experienced.

The higher realms are ready and waiting for more light workers through which they can channel light energy to help raise the vibration of the earth. The vibration of the earth is destined to raise its energy level higher on the vibration of love. Many people now are acknowledging the inner feeling for raising their own vibration and working on a healing level to help others. This mediumship/healing day will help you to recognise your own vibrational level, and abilities to receive information from the higher realms. This may be through higher guidance, a message from a loved one, the acknowledgment of your own healing abilities, and connecting with your own Guide or Angels.

It is suitable for all who are willing to participate in meditation and exercises in a safe loving environment, to feel the wonderful love energy our companions of light and the Angelic realms share with us to lift our load and help to heal our lives.

Receive healing and enjoy a deep relaxing meditation. This will uplift your energy and help you start the day feeling uplifted and refreshed.

Participate in exercises to improve your own connection with your intuition, your inner voice and connect to higher planes for spiritual guidance.

A day working with the higher energies on the vibration of love & laughter amongst like minded friends.

Spirit of Christmas

Evening of Mediumship

7.30pm - 9.30pm

An evening of mediumship, giving our loved ones who have crossed over the opportunity to connect with us and bring their messages of love & healing at this special time of year.

Mince pies & mulled wine are served to a background of Christmas songs before bringing the evening to a close.

Fee £7 Please book in advance

Entertainment purposes only